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Hester Lyan F

Born April 2010, Hester is a substantial mare for her age. She has a lovely head, good angulatiion of shoulder, and her disposition is beautiful.

She is sired by the great Dries 421. (picures and video below). Dries 421 was pronounced the best Friesian Breeding Stallion in the World. He had the highest index scores for his offspring of 108 for conformation and 109 for sport.With these brilliant scores, Dries has been approved on his offspring. His quality breeding is seen in his son, the two times World Champion approved stud stallion Uldrik 457.

Dries' sire, Jasper 366 is very well known in Friesian circles for his spectacular movement. This movement together with his great temperament has clearly been carried over to this son. Dries' dam; Model + Pref mare Hiltsje fan Nes took top honours in the 7 year and older section at the Central Inspection in 2001.

Excerpts from his Performance Test, "A horse with a beautiful conformation ideal for riding. The walk is ample and delicate. The trot ranges from satisfactory to good and shows a moment of suspension. The stallion produces a nice extended trot. The sustained canter is lively, and good overall. He performs easily and is a friendly and quiet horse."

Hester has a new filly by Petrus, born January 2015.

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