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SOLD -- Theun Ut E Mieden

This beautiful Friesian yearling is offered reluctantly.

He is sired by ANN 416 (see a video of ANN 416) out of the gorgeous Friesian mare Heleen Ut e Mieden.

At just one year of age (born 6/28/14), he is undeniably one of the most beautiful young stallions to be imported into the SouthWest. He has the most regal head possible. His movement is jaw-dropping. His build is perfection. He is a spirited, classic example of the breed, and we expect him to make his mark with rare speed.

The best quality Friesian horses are "premium" quality, noted as "premie" for short. Theun earned a rating of 3 Premie at his first showing.


For Sale or Breeding information, Contact:

Janeth Castillo
Elgin, TX 78621
Tele: 512-897-4612

ee Ann 416's sire (ABE 346) below.

Ann 416